memory foam

Premium memory foam conforms to the weight, position and curves of the body, distributing weight evenly to alleviate pressure points and align the spine. It also isolates the movement of a sleep partner for refreshing, uninterrupted sleep.

memory foam benefits

Open Cell Formula

Open cell structure compresses uniformly and
increases breathability

Pressure Relief

Memory foam sinks beneath weight-bearing
curves to alleviate pressure

Curve-Conforming Support

Even supports adapt to your form to keep
the spine in a neutral position


Latex is conforming and pressure-relieving like memory foam, but pushes back rather than sinking in. It’s springy nature responds immediately - compressing instantly and bouncing back immediately.

latex foam benefits

Breathable Comfort

Strategic ventilation optimizes airflow to
improve sleep temperature

Naturally Springy

Supportive latex has a bouncier nature with a
comfortable “pushback”

Instant Response

Latex compresses instantly and recovers
immediately as you move